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Topic: Furnace blowing cold air

Posted By: johnsandy on 10/13/12 10:06am

I have a 2001 Holiday rambler endeavor DP with a atwood heater, blower is coming on and blowing cold air any ideas what is causing this and how to fix. any help would be appreciated. getting cold here this weekend.



Posted By: downtheroad on 10/13/12 10:09am

Here is a good basic trouble shooting guide....LINK
Good luck with it.

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Posted By: bdpreece on 10/13/12 10:14am

The blower fan should kick on then after a 5-10 second delay, the igniter should light the LP gas. If not the first thing I would look at is the sail switch. Do a search on Atwood furnace sail switch and troubleshooting it.

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Posted By: campinginthewoods on 10/13/12 10:27am

Just a thought but when mine blew cold I found out I had ran out of propane....I have 2 tanks on my TT but it sure did warm up once I had switched the tanks over to the full one[emoticon]

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Posted By: mockturtle on 10/13/12 10:29am

Mine did that a couple of weeks ago. Woke up wondering why it was so cold--nothing but cold air from the furnace registers (I knew there was plenty of propane). Turned it off and on a couple of times and it finally ignited. Have no idea what caused it or if it will happen again but the above link will be a handy reference.

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Posted By: johnsandy on 10/13/12 11:25am

Has anyone replaced the sail switch themselves or have a pdf of how to do this.



Posted By: enblethen on 10/13/12 11:36am

I would bow it out good. If you can see it, you can use a straw or peice of tubing to blow it out.
If you have an air compressor, blow out the whole area. Vacuum in reverse make work

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Posted By: Ivylog on 10/13/12 11:54am

I would start by lighting the stove top. If it takes a while for the gas to become flamable, that's your problem as propane goes bad sitting in the line. This also proves that you have propane. Once you have a flame, try the furnace several times to get good propane to it.

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Posted By: Works2RV on 10/13/12 12:00pm

Had that problem - found the main gas value was sticking - when I tapped on the value while the igniter was sparking gas would come on and furnace worked fine. Value would then work for quite awhile - finally, mine needed to be replaced ( issue was I could not trust it to shut off - could not leave it unattended ).

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Posted By: Ivylog on 10/13/12 12:06pm

"I seriously doubt the idea that propane goes bad" You have not been RVing very long. Some people actually think air gets in the line, but that is not possible. I've actually had to go through several matchs before I got a flame on a camper that had been sitting for several months. "I have heard starting the stove helps to get LPG flowing" I think you just proved my point as there's pressure on the line so what's this about helps to get it flowing?
OP, what do you have to loose lighting your stove top or water heater if it's closer to the furnace?

Posted By: ferndaleflyer on 10/13/12 06:55pm

Mine did that and had a mud wasp nest right where the pilot light and igniter was.

Posted By: haydoracin on 10/13/12 02:19pm

Had this problem a year ago and it was the CO2 detector. Engine battery had gone completely dead and caused the detector to shut off propane to the entire coach. Reset the detector and everything worked fine. Just something else to check.

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Posted By: AJR on 10/13/12 03:30pm

Does the stove burners work?

Does the water heater work?

Can you hear the furnace igniter sparking about 15 seconds after blower starts? Sail switch is good if that happens.

If yes, yes, yes…. Then open the outside furnace cover and with furnace off. Inspect the area where the gas goes into the burner tube. I had a spider make a web close to the beginning of the burner tube opening. I think I stuck a long tywrap up the tube and wiggled it around , problem solved.

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