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Topic: hurricane, where's the converter?

Posted By: ohioturtle on 06/29/13 05:13pm

Just bought a 2003 Hurricane and didn't even think to ask about where the converter is. Have looked everywhere in the coach. Does anyone know where it may be?

Posted By: lryrob9301 on 06/29/13 05:30pm


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Posted By: wildtoad on 06/29/13 06:03pm

You don't say what model Hurricane, but look under the bed.

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Posted By: Dale.Traveling on 06/29/13 06:04pm

Try behind the breaker panel. You might have to remove a wood panel to get to it.

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Posted By: accsys on 06/29/13 06:45pm

I guess Four winds is pretty creative, our converter was under the bed on our 2006 34N. [emoticon]

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Posted By: Johno02 on 06/29/13 08:51pm

Ours was inside a box under the bed. Find the Circuit breaker box, and its somewhere close.

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Posted By: ohioturtle on 06/30/13 07:19am

Thanks all. Found it under the bed. Wanted to make sure I knew where to find it and the breakers before the first trip.

Thanks again.

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