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Topic: New muffler

Posted By: lwasouth on 01/19/11 03:12pm

I am in the process of installing the Aero AT5050XL Muffler. Has anyone had experience with this product. They claim more power and better mileage if you continue driving the same way as you have prior.
I have the Itasca Horizon with the CAT C7 350 HP.

Posted By: wolfe10 on 01/19/11 03:28pm

To predict the improvement (if any), you would have to determine the flow rate of your current muffler. If your chassis maker speced a "just adequate" muffler, you could see some improvement. If they oversized (in terms of flow rate) the muffler (as ours did) I doubt you would see much improvement.

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Posted By: badboy368 on 01/19/11 05:33pm

MMMMMMMM very interesting. i have the same combination, and am considering the same thing. I just found out that flowmaster has come out with a muffler for our application, and was considering that one. Mine wont be out of storage till may, so if you get yours on before that let me know how it works out. Thanks

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Posted By: keepingthelightson on 01/19/11 05:35pm

I installed a 5050XL on our Cat 350. The manufacture claims an increase of 10HP and torque in the area of 50-70. The exhaust will run cooler and the turbo will spool up quicker. I think it was a wise investment seeing how we were fighting heat related issues.

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Posted By: crickeydog on 01/19/11 05:55pm

Why run any muffler at all? Or on yer MH is it just too loud without a muffler? I haven't had a muffler or cat converter on our truck in years and she's very noise tolorable? In fact she sounds darn nice!!!

Happy camping!!! See y'all down the road!!!



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