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Topic: fifth wheel carpet cleaning

Posted By: priestlake on 04/18/10 08:55pm

Anyone have a suggestions for cleaning products for fifth wheel carpet.

Posted By: donn0128 on 04/18/10 09:04pm

What do you use at home? Use the same for the RV. Personally I use my steam extraction machine.

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Posted By: Mile High on 04/18/10 10:01pm

Believe it or not, it's actually plain old real carpet! Any carpet cleaner works. Just leave the slides open a few days, or the carpet under the slides won't dry.

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Posted By: Trailer Trash 2 on 04/18/10 10:07pm

We use the same one we use in our stick home, but usualy on a nice warm day to help it dry quicker, dont need any mold.

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Posted By: oldbeek on 04/18/10 11:46pm

I use Resolve dry cleaner and carry it with me all the time. Same product from Lowe's is Capture dry carpet cleaner. Works great.

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Posted By: 2oldman on 04/19/10 01:10am

If you mean clean the whole thing, hire a pro. They'll likely do a better job than you will.

Posted By: tracy.kelley on 04/19/10 07:23am

I use the bissel cleaning machine that I use in the house.

Posted By: dpgllg on 04/19/10 07:43am

I own a Rug Doctor (Blue Model). It is the same that you can rent (orange model). I use the carpet cleaning solution from Sam's Club Pro Force and clean it on a warm day when I can leave the windows open and the slide out until it is dry. The Rug Doctor extracts much of the solution and it does not take long to dry at all.

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Posted By: Cruzette on 04/19/10 08:35am

No need to clean the whole carpet if you just have a few spots. I use Spot Shot it works really well. I keep a can of it in the 5er at all times.

I buy it at Safeway but I have seen it at Costco and some hardware stores it's in a blue and orange spray can.

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Posted By: jeffcollingwood on 12/02/10 08:07pm

For spot cleaning, try Awesome. It costs $1 at the dollar store and it works very well.

Otherwise we hire a professional carpet cleaner for about $60.

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Posted By: carrollti on 04/19/10 09:02am

Just cleaned ours yesterday. Used Bissel cleaner with the Bissel shampoer. Traffic area came clean as new.

Posted By: skipnchar on 04/19/10 10:07am

Bissel steam carpet shampooer is what we use both at home and in the trailer.

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Posted By: jetboat on 12/02/10 06:35am

I call 800-son in law!

Posted By: happycamper1942 on 12/02/10 08:01am

I had a pro cleaning my house carpets, for $80 more he cleaned the 5th wheel carpets and upholstery, including scotchguard protection. Made it look like new, well worth it.

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Posted By: FFPEREZ on 12/02/10 09:14am

pando2 wrote:

I had a pro cleaning my house carpets, for $80 more he cleaned the 5th wheel carpets and upholstery, including scotchguard protection. Made it look like new, well worth it.

We had ours done by a pro and the scotchguard applied. Worth the money. The scotchguard really helps keep it clean and spills clean up easier. Most of the time we use our Kirby shampoo attachment.

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Posted By: rramjet on 12/02/10 06:48pm

Had Stanley Steamer do ours same time they did the house. $60. They won't do jobs in our area for less than $99 so you have to combine it. Don't use the Internet to set up the RV cleaning part; call them and tell them to give you an estimate when they get there. Internet tries to charge like a house even though it does have an RV section now. look for 20% off offers and it's not too bad a hit on the wallet. Best to do it during warm weather cause no matter what they tell you it is damp when they are done. Of course if you are full time or on the road that's a different situation.

Posted By: logcabinKOR on 12/02/10 07:39pm

We have ours done by a professional and get the 5th wheel done at the same time we do the house. Hardly anything more and so worth it.

Posted By: lambchop on 12/04/10 05:46am


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