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Topic: 3000W Chinese Gensets Info.

Posted By: Jack Shidemantle on 03/30/05 07:45am

Just want to say thankyou to the professor who obviously spent much time researching this subject. Also thanks to everyone else who provided information. This is a great forum!
For anyone close to the Dayton Oh area there are 3 Pepboys stores here and they all appear to stock the ELIM3000 at $279. Probably several stores in Columbus area also.


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Posted By: dlefarris on 03/30/05 08:15am

MrWizard wrote:

if your Rv has a Generator compartment, it should all ready be insulated..for the noise, and it should be a welded sealed boxed only open to the bottom and the door so no heat or fumes go into the RV.

if it;s not insulated , that is easy to do

slides are available from camping worls and other distributers

my generac sets on a sliding drawer ? makes it much easier to change the sparkplugs and oil

it came that way, but had an Onan 6.5 K that died..( seized ) so i replaced it with the generac

I have owned 3 onan of which 2 were brand new, they were maintained on a regular basis, parts (circuit boards) were very expensive, and they were high maintenance, I was never impressed with them. I noticed they have came out with a small sinewave generator called the "Equinox" at a decent price that has a troubleshooting feature as part of the remote start panel. The concept looks great and I would assume they are trying to sell all of the older style before they publicize the new technology....


Posted By: padgett on 03/30/05 09:24am

For more models of generators than you ever wanted to see, check out Most in the catagory we are looking at are remarkably similar in layout which makes sense and only have subtle differences and almost all have links to the company's web sites (isn't this a marvelous age we live in ? Of course everyone says that.)

One thing I am curious about and Professor you might be able to answer this: I am seeing 2600 watt generators with 6.5 hp engines and 3750 watt units with 5.5. Shouldn't there be some relation between engine power and generator output ?

Posted By: Dubman on 03/30/05 01:56pm

I was thinking about putting the ELIM3000 in the back of my PU.(Don't have one yet) I also have a tonneau cover and was planning on just having tailgate open when running it.. Would this amplify the sound, or help to keep noise level down. Any ideas??

Posted By: Rocky7184 on 03/30/05 06:47pm

professor95 wrote:


You will need an adapter that plugs into the 120 volt duplex outlet on the generator (the one that looks like the sockets in your house) and terminates with the 30 amp 120 volt style socket that matches your camper.

One style of these adapters is commonly called a "dog bone adapter"

You can buy them at Wal-Mart, Camping World, or most any RV store for about $10.00.

Look back through this thread. You will find discussion and links to sites showing and/or selling these adapters.

I hope your father in-law likes his gift. I know I would!

I think he has one of those dog bone adapters.I was under the impression that the large plug on the camper had to go into the same size socket.If one side of the dogbone has a 3 prong standard plug won't that side get hot (hi amp draw) when you try and run the A/C.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge on this electrical stuff.


Posted By: Rocky7184 on 03/30/05 06:50pm

BTW Prof this is really a great thread.I'm learning quite alot.Thanks for some really fine information.It's very much appreciated.


Posted By: Clark W. Griswold on 03/30/05 06:53pm


Interesting information on that website. WOW. The Chinese are busy!
I wonder how this influx could affect Honda sales/prices etc.?
Things could get interesting. Nothing like a little competition!


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Posted By: leadsled on 03/30/05 07:51pm

The small 30 to 15 adapters at wal-mart do get hot. I recommend the type adapter that home depot sells. It is a short piece 10gauge cord with 30amp female on one end and a 15amp male on the other.


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Posted By: jimraysr on 03/30/05 07:58pm

leadsled wrote:

The small 30 to 15 adapters at wal-mart do get hot. I recommend the type adapter that home depot sells. It is a short piece 10gauge cord with 30amp female on one end and a 15amp male on the other.

Maybe in TX, but HD here has the round plastic ones, wt. 15 amp male on one side and 30amp RV female on the others. I think they also cary the reverse, but don't know why.


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Posted By: Glenn Cooper on 03/30/05 08:13pm

I was at COSTCO today, they have a nice 3500watt genset for $280.
It was a good looking unit, with a low oil cut off sw.,and a 110v
and 220v outlet. Lady at PEPBOYS said they are not handling the
3kw China genset anymore, something to the effect they had no parts
supplier, BUT she did not know of any that had been returned??????

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